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Our Process

Our goal is to help individuals create a sound financial plan for today and for the future.

To accomplish this goal, we have found that our streamlined, dedicated process is vital to helping our members succeed. Whether you are just starting to save for retirement or are ready to enjoy the assets you have diligently accumulated, our process will help you determine your goals and establish a customized plan catered to you. Our steps:

  1. Understand your goals — We start by getting to know you, your family, and your vision of a successful future. Your investment plan will be tailored to you and your unique needs.
  2. Gather information about your situation — Following, we ask a variety of questions to learn more about your past investing experiences, your current situation, and your future goals. This personal approach helps us craft a strategy that is right for you.
  3. Determine your risk profile and retirement needs — Every investor is different, and it is crucial to understand your personal risk tolerance and time horizon for your goals. We use various technologies, such as Riskalyze and RetireUp, to help you manage investment risk levels and develop a detailed retirement income plan.
  4. Discuss options — As independent advisors, we can provide you with a wide array of products and services and the education you need to make an informed decision. We act as fiduciaries and are never motivated by commission or sales.
  5. Create and implement your plan — Our solutions seek to close gaps in your financial picture and match each of your specific goals. This is when we implement your carefully designed plan.
  6. Monitor your plan — We understand that life happens and things can change without warning. This is why we incorporate tracking systems to keep your plan on target. We’ll help you adjust your plan over time and keep up with constant communication.
  7. Discuss updates and observations — We act as a team with our members and educate them throughout every step of their investment journey. After implementing your plan, we regularly meet to discuss all changes and observations.

We want to help you pursue your goals, have confidence in your investments, and balance your risks and rewards appropriately. If you are ready to get started with your personal plan, we encourage you to reach out today.