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Our Mission

Trust matters, especially when it comes to your finances.

At Park Community Financial Group, our mission is to help you make smart decisions with your money so you can focus on what you love. By holding ourselves to a fiduciary standard and always putting your needs first, we set ourselves apart from other wealth management firms. Our long standing relationships and reputation with Park Community Credit Union families allows us to adequately serve their financial needs. 

Through unparalleled customer service, the use of sophisticated tools, in-depth analyses and appropriate investment vehicles, we endeavor to exceed our members’ expectations regardless of how simple or complex their objectives.

Originally founded more than 50 years ago, both Park Community Credit Union and Park Community Financial Group have always been focused on more than just numbers. We explore how members who are dreaming of retirement view their futures, and help them develop a personal plan.

We believe every member is unique and deserves to feel confident with their finances.